Factors Developing Industrial Relations

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Factors Developing Industrial Relations:- 

Factor # 1. Communication in the Workplace:

Communication is one of the critical factors that affect industrial relations. Employees want to feel valued and respected. Excellent communication in the workplace involves transparency from leadership about company matters and the direction the company is headed

Factor # 2. Parties to IR:-

Various parties to IR can be grouped into three categories — employees and their associations/ unions, employers and their associations, and government and is various agencies. These three parties perform different roles in IR and derive their power within the framework of environment.

Factor # 3 Salary and Benefits:-

Companies that understand employees have a life outside their job duties and that provide benefits that showcase this understanding often enjoy great employee relations.

One of the best ways to keep employees happy and maintain good industrial relations is to pay them a respectable wage that is, at minimum, up to industry standards.

Factor # 3 Role of Company Culture:-

A business’s company culture influences and sets the tone for how it operates. A company that empowers employees and embraces their value to the organization will have good employer-employee relations.