Essential requirements of performance appraisal

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  1. A good atmosphere should exist in the organization to creaqte confidence and mutual trust among employees.
  2. The objectives of the performance appraisal must be definite and clear.
  3. Well defined performance standards should be developed. Procedures and techniques adopted

    in appraisal is also standardized.

  4. Proper training should be imparted to appraisers.
  5. The appraiser should focus on job related behavior and performance of employees.
  6. Proper documentation of appraisal should be done.
  7. There should be feedback regarding the performance and participation in fixation of


  8. The size, number of employees and organization set up must be considered while designing

    the appraisal system.

  9. There must be post appraisal review.
  10. A review committee should be constituted for reviewing and appeal against appraisal results.