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Integrated Guidance Program – Program Design cum Test Series.

We have divided the entire syllabus into small coverable parts that can be covered in days given in schedule. Within time frame, candidates can appear for a Test on the topics in well prepared manner. This will

  • help in checking their preparation on the topics mentioned.
  • get feedback and marks on the paper they have written.
  • cover the syllabus in a disciplined manner, which is otherwise difficult.
  • become aware of issues and questions on the topics being prepared.

This is also especially useful for those who have just begun, as they are often not aware of important issues from examination point of view and end up studying things a little randomly and endlessly.

Civil Service Gurukul will provide a locus and focus approach while dealing with the syllabus.

Timely tests help you understand what to focus on while studying, and make studying exam oriented, and organized and get Top 10 Rank in Civil Services exam.

Primary Focus of Integrated Guidance Program.

The Primary Focus of the Program will be

  • Covering the entire syllabus via the Test Series in a disciplined manner before the Mains Examination.
  • Providing vital inputs and feedback to improve answer quality and possible scores before it too late to make changes in one’s writing style. Beginning early helps in both improving the answers as well as absorbing the inputs given and implementing them.
  • Aiding Preparation by providing notes/articles on important topics related to Current Affairs.
  • Providing Detailed Solutions to cover all dimensions of questions asked.

Key Features of Integrated Guidance Program cum Test Series.

  1. The most reliable All India Integrated Guidance Program for UPSC Commerce optional, so that every Student of Civil Service Gurukul can know where he stands among the REST OF their COMPETITORS.
  2. Scheduling the tests in a phased manner (Subject wise and full syllabus tests). Test series will consist of 11 tests of UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional.
  3. Test Papers which are carefully created by our expert faculty to enhance and sharpen the aspirant’s’ intellectual competence for the actual exam. The test paper will be based on previous year pattern, Current affairs, and UPSC guidelines.
  4. Questions act as the trigger for learning what is required for the Main Exam and benefit to get maximum marks in Main Exam.
  5. Exhaustive performance analysis and feedback based on the subject wise Strength and weakness analysis.
  6. Interactive system conducive to express conceptual doubts, discussions and clarifications.
  7. Test Paper will help you in handling exam pressure and managing time.
  8. Civil Service gurukul will provide value-added notes on important topics.


  1. Civil Service Gurukul will suggest sources (Books & Notes) for Covering Topics mentioned in above test series as per UPSC Circular.
  2. Civil Service Gurukul will provide Value added notes on the important topic.
  3. Civil Service Gurukul will evaluate answer sheet and provide Synopsis/approach/Model answer to develop answer writing skills by answering questions of UPSC civil service mains Examinations 2020.
  4. All test paper consists of 250 Marks each paper.
  5. Duration of the test is 3 hours.


  1. Start preparing as per test schedule has given above. Tests papers shall be sent to the student through on e-mail id given by the student, by 5 PM on the day fixed for Test.
  2. Write your test in one sitting taking 3 hours for each of the test paper. Thereafter, Upload scanned copy of answer sheet on Google folder of Civil Service Gurukul. Google folder of Civil Service Gurukul will be provided to registered students at the time registration. Mention your name and Mail ID in Pdf file. Quality of Scan should be good. it is advised to use ‘Camscanner’ app for scanning.
  3. Your copy will be evaluated within 3 to 5 days and sent back through the registered mail. Detailed Remarks will be given by examiner on quality, quantity, relevance and flow etc of the answers Student may ask for clarifications on remarks given by the examiner in case remarks are not understood or workable.
  4. Synopsis/approach/Model answer will be provided to develop answer writing skills by answering questions of UPSC civil service mains Examinations 2020.

Level of Interaction With faculty

Three levels of Interaction with Faculty

  1. Writing Email 
  2. Complete Feedback/evaluation in corrected answer sheets.
  3. Model Answer Sheet


Fees: Rs. 11690/- (Rs. Eleven thousand Six hundred  Ninty)


Mode of Payment

1.Google Pay or Paytm or Phone Pe

 UPI ID:-  civilservicegurukul-1@oksbi


  2. Internet Banking

Bank Account Details

Bank Account Holder Name- Civil Service Gurukul

Bank Account No.  000605033608

IFSC Code -ICIC0000006


3. Instamojo Payment


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Schedule for Test Series


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